Specialist in frequency planning

FM consultancy is one of the core competences of our knowledge based company. This includes the planning & design, optimisation and co-ordination of frequency plans and broadcast networks:

Planning & design

As advisor, Broadcast Partners is closely involved with the development of frequency plans and replanning exercises of (parts of) the FM band, using the latest insights and technological developments. Our client base include both radio stations and government authorities. Frequency planning is both an art and a science, requiring a high level of technical insight as well as creativity and experience. Broadcast Partners excels in this expertise and has developed this knowledge to the highest standards.

(International) Co-ordination

Scarce spectrum is densily used these days. When planning frequencies the rights of third parties have to be taken into account. Broadcast licenses are awarded by national governments after they have been co-ordinated both nationally and internationally the regulating authorities. However, spectrum changes occur regularly due to new requests from third parties. Broadcast Partners signals all changes to the spectrum. Whenever they appear to threaten the reach of existing networks, Broadcast Partners acts immediately on behalf of its clients. On the other hand, when new opportunities occur we also take advantage of it.


A broadcast license is only a theoretical right that describes the maximum coverage area allowed (e.g. without causing interference on other user's rights). The translation from theory to practical diagram implementation requires both knowlegde of spectrum propagation as well as the insight of innovative broadcast technology. Furthermore, based on measurements in practice after implementation, Broadcast Partners determines whether further optimisation of the network can be realised. Broadcast Partners has developed this knowledge in great detail and implemented it in several broadcast networks.