We help you more than just going the right way

Broadcast networks: we design and build transmitters, our network management concerns nationwide networks in Belgium, the Netherlands and Denmark.

Consultancy: we have know-how about broadcast frequencies, frequency planning, coverage, networks and network topologies (FM, DVB, DAB, DRM, DMB) and advice about that.

Broadcast products: we sell everything for radio, from microphone to mixing console, radio automation, software solutions for RDS and TMC, transmitter and antenna or antenna mast.

Antenna systems

The antenna division of Broadcast Partners is widely known for its innovative antenna solutions.Unlike many others we are independent and use antennas of all the known brands and combine them to the most optimal system for your solution. This means optimal coverage and minimum costs by reduction off both energy and the space rental in the telecom tower.

"Designing a perfect system is our goal."


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