RVR TEX 30 LCD/S FM Transmitter (30W/Mono/MPX/Stereo/2HE)

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This exciter offers a continuously adjustable power output from zero to 30W with a universal multi-voltage power supply from 80 to 260V. The equipment features a built-in stereo coder, two RDS/SCA inputs and fits in a stainless-steel 2HE chassis.

  • Adjustable power output from 0 to 30 W with any VSWR conditions, thanks to FOLD-BACK control of both forward and reflected power.
  • Power supply multi-voltage from 80 to 260 V directly without selector.
  • Meets or exceeds all FCC and CCIR requirements.
  • Low cost with high performance.
  • Composed of only 4 modules easily replaceable, allowing the realignment of equipment with almost total absence of adjustments.
  • SMD technology circuits for maximum reliability and minimum encumbrance with optimum signal routing.
  • Available with 2 SCA/RDS input connectors.
  • The main parameters are available also on terminal board for remote control.
  • Built-in stereo coder with high performance.
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